Danio Catanuto

He attended music courses since the high school at the Conservatory G. Verdi in Milan getting superior degrees in Composition and Electronic Music; he has attended several courses of specialization in composition and electronic music at famous Italian institutions (like Scuola Civica di Milano, Associazione Musicale F.J Haydn, G.A.M.O. at Florence Conservatory, AGON acustica informatica musica), and seminaries with composers as F. Donatoni, G.Grisey, G. Benjamin, S. Sciarrino and many others.

He alternates his work as composer with his role as musician in different groups that go from the contemporanean music, jazz and ethnic sounds playing with Kal Dos Santos and Gupo YabĂ s, Trio Karoda and Scat cat Project.

He also collaborates with Tangatamanu project in the production of interactive works and sound design with Stefano Scarani, also taking part in productions by Bob Wilson, Peter Greenaway, Peter Bottazzi, Stefano Scarani.

In the last few years he has been producing interactive and audiovisuals works.