The RARA Festival was founded in 2011 in Palazzolo Acreide, Sicily, as an initiative from the Cooperativa Tandem and a number of local artists, who have organised all the aspects of the festival, as well as financed it.

The Festival usually takes place in Palazzolo Acreide, Villa Comunale, although it has been done in other locations, such as Siracusa or Villaggio La Torre, Palazzolo Acreide.

RARA is an innovative cultural initiative to enpower and give room to local artists. The Festival presents an opportunity for a creative exchange within the region as well as on an international level, and makes accessible non-mainstream culture to a broader audience. By doing so, RARA enhances the cultural status of the area, and particularly promotes experimental music and improvised arts in Sicily and Italy.

RARA focuses on improvisation, as regards both music and arts in general, with particular interest on live electronics and experimental music, as well as multimedia live shows based on experimentation and improvisation.

Contact & info: info@rarafestival.eu