Michael Fischer

Musician-composer in the realm of improvised music/noise/soundscapes, on saxophone, violin, conducted instant compostions, cd-players/mixer. Since 1999 working on the implications of the electro-acoustic phenomenon feedback, i.e. elaborating the feedback_saxophone.

He has collaborated in the last years a.o. with John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Hilary Jeffery, Michael Vatcher, Marcos Baggiani, Alessandro Vicard, Felicity Provan, Atsuhiro Ito, Joao Castro Pinto, Daisuke Terauchi, Tamaho Miyake; earlier with Irene Schweizer, William Parker, Denis Charles, Peter Kowald a.m.o., with artists/artist collectives like Marc Adrian (op-art, exp. movie), Dmitri Prigow (russ. conceptualist), Eileen Standley, Gerhard Rühm (co-founder of ‘Wiener Grupp’) Baby-Q dance company Tokyo, FOCO Orquesta Madrid, Orquesta de Musica Espontanea Galica, Connected For Lift-Off Amsterdam, The Meeting Point/NL a.o. Performances at venues and festivals throughout Europe and Japan.

In 2005 he launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, since then developing an individual hand-sign praxis/instant composition conducting (term by M.F.), cooperations with austrian writers, focus experimental poetry, exploring the common grounds and images of articulation and sound.

As instant composition conductor he works with international large ensembles / choir for festivals in Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan; for Wien Modern in 2012.

Guest lectures, workshops for instant composition conducting a.o. at Anton Bruckner University Linz, Conservatorio Superior de Musica Vigo, Goethe Institut Palermo, University for architecture Vaduz, Seiwa College Nishinomiya/Japan. http://m.fischer.wuk.at